VATSIM IFR Phraseology Guide

Communicate with ATC like a pro!

The video on the right corresponds to the following IFR phraseology guide. This guide will help you to get a sense of what phraseology to use on a typical IFR flight on VATSIM! You can use this guide while watching this video to get a good sense of all the communications and different steps! ATC communictation is colored RED, pilot communication is colored BLUE.

A flight from Amsterdam (EHAM) to Frankfurt (EDDF) is used in this example. Takeoff is from runway 24 at EHAM, and landing is at runway 25R at EDDF. The following route was used (note, this route may be different today):



Pilot’s phraseology is indicated in BLUE

ATC’s phraseology is indicated in RED


in the first communication with the particular station the name of that station is mentioned in bold at the beginning of the sentence




Ask your flight plan clearance about 20 minutes before your scheduled departure time. For example, ask the clearance after completing your preflight checklist.

Schiphol Delivery, good day, KLM1771 at stand B23,
with information Alpha, requesting clearance to Frankfurt.

Schiphol Delivery: KLM1771, Schiphol Delivery, good day, cleared to Frankfurt, RENDI 1S departure, runway 24, squawk 3140.

Cleared to Frankfurt, RENDI 1S departure, runway 24,
squawk 3140, KLM1771.

KLM1771, readback correct, report fully ready.

Wilco (will comply), KLM1771.




KLM1771, fully ready.

KLM1771, QNH 1027, information Alpha, contact Ground on 121,800.

QNH 1027, information Alpha, Ground on 121,800, KLM1771.

switch to Ground frequency, make sure pushback truck is ready to go!

Schiphol Ground, good day, KLM1771 at stand B23, ready for pushback and startup.

Schiphol Ground: KLM1771, good day, startup and pushback approved.

Startup and pushback approved, KLM1771.




KLM1771, request taxi.

KLM1771, taxi holding point runway 24, S7, via B, enter B via A5.

Taxi holding point runway 24, S7, enter B via A5, KLM1771.

Specific instruction example:

KLM1771, at A5, give way to the KLM 737 from the left.

At A5 give way to the KLM 737 from the left, KLM1771.



KLM1771, contact Tower on 119,225, bye bye!

Contact Tower 119,225, KLM1771, bye bye!

switch to Tower

Schiphol Tower, good day, KLM1771, at S7, ready for departure.

Schiphol Tower: KLM1771, Schiphol Tower, good day, line up and wait runway 24, S7.

Line up and wait runway 24, S7, KLM1771.

Line up on the runway and wait

KLM1771, wind 220 degrees, 12 knots, runway 24, cleared for takeoff.

Cleared for takeoff runway 24, KLM1771.






At 2000 feet switch to Schiphol Approach yourself, this procedure might be different at other airports! E.g. you might get a handoff by Tower to the Approach/Departure frequency

Schiphol Approach, good day, KLM1771, RENDI 1S departure, passing FL032.

Schiphol Approach: KLM1771, Schiphol Approach, good day, climb FL130.

Climb FL130, KLM1771.

KLM1771, contact Amsterdam Radar, 125,750, bye bye!

Contact Amsterdam Radar, 125,750, KLM1771, bye bye!

switch to Amsterdam Radar

Amsterdam Radar, good day, KLM1771, passing FL115 for FL130, inbound IVLUT.

Amsterdam Radar: KLM1771, Amsterdam Radar, good day, radar contact.

KLM1771, climb FL230, proceed direct to NAPRO.

Climb FL230, proceed direct to NAPRO, KLM1771.

KLM1771, contact Langen Radar, 135,720, bye bye!

Contact Langen Radar, 135,720, KLM1771, bye bye!

switch to Langen Radar




Langen Radar, good day, KLM1771, inbound DEPAD, FL230.

Langen Radar: KLM1771, good day, radar contact.

Traffic avoidance instruction example:

KLM1771, turn left heading 110 to avoid traffic.

Left heading 110, KLM1771.

KLM1771, clear of traffic, proceed direct to MISGO.

Direct to MISGO, KLM1771.




KLM1771, when ready descend FL100.

When ready descend FL100, KLM1771.

KLM1771, proceed direct to ROLIS.

Direct to ROLIS, KLM1771.

KLM1771, cleared ROLIS 25N transition, expect ILS runway 25R, descend FL100 to reach at ETARU.

Cleared ROLIS 25N transition, expect ILS runway 25R, descend FL100 to reach at ETARU, KLM1771.

KLM1771, contact Langen Radar on 120,800, bye bye!

Contact Langen Radar on 120,800, KLM1771, bye bye!

switch to Approach, in this case the approach controller uses the same callsign as the Radar controller




Langen Radar, good day, KLM1771, ROLIS 25N transition, passing FL108 for FL100.

Langen Radar: KLM1771, Langen Radar, good day, turn left heading 120, descend FL90.

Left heading 120, descend FL90, KLM1771.

KLM1771, descend 5000 feet on QNH 1031, speed 220 knots.

Descend 5000 feet on QNH 1031, speed 220 knots, KLM1771.

KLM1771, turn right heading 160, speed 180 knots.

Right heading 160, speed 180 knots, KLM1771.




KLM1771, turn right heading 220, cleared ILS approach runway 25R, speed 160 knots until 4 DME.

Right heading 220, cleared ILS approach runway 25R, speed 160 knots until 4 DME, KLM1771.

KLM1771, 12 miles to go, contact Tower on 119,900, bye bye!

Contact Tower 119,900, KLM1771, bye bye!




switch to Tower

Frankfurt Tower, good day, KLM1771, ILS runway 25R.

Frankfurt Tower: KLM1771, Frankfurt Tower, good day, number 2.

Number 2, KLM1771.

KLM1771, wind 190 degrees, 6 knots, runway 25R, cleared to land.

Cleared to land runway 25R, KLM1771.


vacate the runway


KLM1771, taxi to N11 via P.

Taxi to N11 via P, KLM1771.

KLM1771, contact Frankfurt Apron on 121,750, bye bye!

Contact Frankfurt Apron on 121,750, KLM1771, bye bye!

switch to Ground/Apron frequency

Frankfurt Apron, good day, KLM1771, approaching N11.

Frankfurt Apron: KLM1771, Frankfurt Apron, good day, taxi to stand A20 via N.

Taxi to stand A20 via N, KLM1771.




KLM1771 is on the blocks, thank you for the ATC, bye bye!

KLM1771, thank you for flying, bye bye!


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