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The aim of AviationPro is to bring real world aviation and flight simulation closer together. This is done by making educative videos in which real world aviation knowledge is applied to everything flightsim! Moreover, new courses are developed that will enrich your flight simulation experience.


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AviationPro is finally back with another VATSIM Full Flight! We are taking the brand new PMDG Boeing 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator from Amsterdam to Zürich with some very busy ATC there!

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VATSIM Phraseology Guides

Talking to ATC can be nervewrecking, especially the first time! Check out the IFR & VFR Phraseology Guides by AviationPro to get yourself kickstarted with flying online!

Cold & Dark Startup Tutorials

Getting that aircraft in the air is one thing, but starting it up all the way from cold & dark is another! AviationPro has many tutorials featuring various aircraft types!

VATSIM Full Flights

Watching VATSIM Full Flights is the perfect way to see everthing you learn on this website in action. Over the years, AviationPro has visited many different airports!