aviationpro channel memberships

AviationPro Channel Memberships are a way of supporting the channel while enjoying the benefit of extra content!

Depending on the Membership tier you subscribe to, you will get access to various perks!

Click on the icons below to find out more!

Extra Flights & Perks

For members only, an extra monthly live full flight on VATSIM! And a lot more perks depending on your member tier!

Dedicated Community

A more dedicated & smaller community allows for better interaction compared to public live streams!


Discord is used as the primary tool for communication and interaction. Find out below how it is used!

Membership tiers

Discover what all the different member tiers have to offer! Depending on the level you choose, there are different perks for you to enjoy. A detailed explanation of them can be found here!

Entry-level membership tier providing access to:

  • Monthly member-only VATSIM Full Flight live streams on YouTube
    • Will be announced in advance in the community section on YouTube
    • May be an IFR or VFR flight
    • Infused with real world knowledge wherever possible!
    • Instant access to all members-only live full flights previously streamed on the channel
    • Note: these streams don’t replace public (live) VATSIM Full Flights. Public (live) full flights will still happen every now and then, but due to real life activities I cannot guarantee they will appear as frequently as in the past. I prefer to give the public full flights a bit better production value, which does take more time. However, members are able to enjoy an extra monthly live full flight (which requires less production value & time on my side) infused with real world knowledge wherever possible!
    • Note 2: sometimes there may be a bit longer time between live full flights due to personal circumstances, holidays etc. If this is the case, it will be announced well in advance on the YouTube Community page and on Discord.
  • Loyalty badges next to names in chat and comments
  • Extra emoji’s

This tier gives you access to all the YouTube Cadet perks, but now also including basic access to AviationPro’s Discord server & more! Check it out:

  • Basic access to AviationPro’s Discord server!
    • This includes access to various text channels such as:
      • Chat area
      • Idea box
      • Screenshots
      • Aviation pictures
      • Support area
      • Important announcements
    • How to join?
      • You have to link your YouTube account to Discord. The AviationPro server will then show up and you should be automatically assigned the ‘YT Second Officer’ role giving you access to all the relevant areas.
        • Check THIS Discord page for more information
        • If you have any problems, contact me on YouTube so we can fix it!
  • Access to post-flight live streams & drinks
    • After a member-only or public live full flight, a chill live stream is hosted on YouTube for tiers Second Officer and higher
  • Early access to & info about videos
    • Links and info will be posted on the relevant Discord channels!

All lower tier perks, and more:

  • Full Discord access
    • Including access to the Virtual Pub & real life stuff! (more below)
    • Access to extra voice rooms if you want to fly with other members
  • Real life stuff!
    • A peek into my real world flying through almost ‘live’ updates on Discord including:
      • Pictures
      • Videos
      • Voice messages
    • Discord is used to post these updates, so don’t forget to join the Discord server!
  • Ability to actually join post-flight streams via audio or video
    • Via the Virtual Pub, you are invited to join post-flight live streams for members only via audio and/or video
    • For those who fancy it, you may also be invited to join public AviationPro Live! streams on YouTube
      • This will be announced in advance and people who volunteer will be handpicked depending on availability

All lower tier perks + something for those who really like AviationPro and want to gain some more extras and an extra bit of knowledge! The Captain tier includes:

  • Access to secret Captain Area on Discord! Including:
    • Extras! They are listed below!
    • A dedicated study forum where you can post questions that demand attention and can be reviewed by others late
  • Ability to request topics to discuss during extra quick captain-only streams
    • A specific Topic Request channel on Discord gives you the ability to post ideas for topics
  • Extra Quick Captain-only Streams/Videos
    • Streamed on YouTube, as much as possible live from destinations across the globe!
    • Questions or topics posted on the Discord will be discussed during these quick streams
    • Alternatively, it will be a quick stream to hang out or to cover some random topic!
  • Priority replies to questions posted on YouTube and Discord!
    • A dedicated Captains Chat channel on the Discord server can be used for this!
  • Extra pictures ‘beyond the cockpit’
    • A peek into pilot life with some more pics other than just from the cockpit!

What will you be supporting?

Naturally, when you support something, you want to know what exactly happens to your donations. Check out the following list to get a sense of where your support ends up! With your membership subscriptions you help with…


There are lots of benefits! The AviationPro Member community is designed to create a cohesive group that enjoys sharing knowledge about aviation, while also enjoying a virtual drink every now and then!


As a YouTube member, you get to enjoy extra monthly live streams featuring IFR & VFR VATSIM Full Flights! I will apply real world knowledge and procedures wherever possible, so you can make your own flightsim experience more realistic!


Starting from the 'Second Officer' level you can join AviationPro Discord server. 'First Officer' and 'Captain' roles unlock even more perks on Discord, including lots of real life updates, pictures, and voice updates of my flights!


Get extra flight simulation content, infused with knowledge from real life! Also on Discord a lot of knowledge is shared about aviation. Moreover, a dedicated community allows me to focus more on the 'gaining knowledge' side during live streams!


Chat with other members on Discord or during (extra) live streams! A smaller community (compared to public live streams) allows for more frequent and more valuable interaction!


Share your knowledge, flightsim screenshots, aviation pictures & more! The AviationPro member community is there to recharge your aviation battery and that of others!


Join a friendly community full of people passionate about aviation & flight simulation! Previously, Patreon meetings have shown that the supporter community around AviationPro likes to have some virtual drinks & share a laugh!

discord integration

Discord is used to organize the AviationPro community. Member Tiers ‘Second Officer’ and higher get certain levels of access to the Discord server. When you become a member, don’t miss out and make sure you set up your Discord account so you can join the server! Click on the image to explore it! Check out the video below for more info!

Please visit the link below to see how you can link your Discord account to your YouTube account and how to gain access to the AviationPro Discord Server. Specifically read the ‘for Viewers’ section at the bottom! Using Discord is not a requirement, but it does allow for more & better interaction compared to using the YouTube Members-only community page. After becoming a member, and having linked your YouTube account to Discord, you should be able to see & join the server.




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