VATSIM VFR Phraseology Guide

Fly VFR and communicate with ATC like a pro!

This page contains a full phraseology guide for a VFR flight from A to B on the VATSIM network. This guide will be turned into a video in the short term! We will be flying from Rotterdam Airport (EHRD) to Groningen Airport (EHGG) via the major hub Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (EHAM), all in the Netherlands!

By following this guide, you should get a good general idea of the phraseology used for a standard cross-country VFR flight. Although local variations will exist between countries and continents, you can use this as a base and adapt to your local variations!

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Pilot’s phraseology is indicated in BLUE


ATC’s phraseology is indicated in RED


in the first communication with the particular station the name of that station is mentioned in bold at the beginning of the sentence


RADIOCHECK (optional)

Rotterdam Delivery, PH-AVP, radio check on frequency 122,180

Rotterdam Delivery: PH-AVP, Rotterdam Delivery, read you 5.



Rotterdam Delivery, PH-AVP

Rotterdam Delivery: PVP, Rotterdam Delivery, good morning.

(callsign has been abbreviated by this
controller. As long as we are with this controller we may use the abbreviated
callsign too)

PVP, is a Robin DR400 at the Lima apron, VFR Rotterdam to Eelde, information A received, request startup.

(Note: use the actual airport name, not just
the city next to it)

PVP, information A correct, QNH 1020, startup approved for runway 24, what is your requested departure?

QNH 1020, runway 24, startup approved, request HOTEL departure, PVP.

(Delivery or Tower may ask about your departure
intentions, e.g. which departure route you will use. You can also make that
clear immediately by entering it into your flight plan or by simply stating
that at your startup request)

PVP roger, HOTEL departure 1000 feet, squawk 7000, for taxi contact Tower on 118.205.

HOTEL departure 1000 feet, squawk 7000 and for taxi contact 118.205, PVP.



(switching to Rotterdam Tower)

Rotterdam Tower, PH-AVP at the Lima apron, request taxi

Rotterdam Tower: PVP, Rotterdam Tower, good day, taxi holding point V6, runway 24

Taxi holding point V6, runway 24, PVP

(When arriving at the holding point, you can
perform your run-up. This is a normal procedure for small GA aircraft to check
engine parameters and prepare for takeoff. The controller will take this into
account! Sometimes at airports, separate run-up areas are available. In most
cases though, you will put your aircraft into the wind at the holding point,
and perform the run-up there. When finished, you can report ready for departure.
Tip: leave some room on the taxiway so other aircraft, that are done with the
run-up sooner than you, can pass and depart ahead of you).

PVP, V6 runway 24, ready for departure

PVP, HOTEL departure 1000 feet, wind 260 degrees, 5 knots, runway 24, cleared for takeoff

Hotel departure 1000 feet, runway 24 cleared for takeoff, PVP.

(Now, in the case of this airport, we carefully
follow a departure route. We have to report the reporting points to ATC. Make
sure you also mention the altitude the first time you have levelled off.)

PVP, abeam TANGO at 1000 ft.

PVP, roger, report WHISKEY

Wilco, PVP

(‘abeam’ means ‘next to’, you can use this if
you are simply not flying directly overhead the waypoint, which for combined
departure/arrival routes is often the case. You can also simply use ‘Over’ or
‘Overhead’, whichever seems appropriate)

PVP, overhead WHISKEY, leaving your CTR.

PVP, frequency change approved, bye bye!

Frequency change approved, PVP, bye bye!

You are free to fly at this point, remaining
clear of restricted airspaces etc. as you have learned in the theory video. In
real life, you can often contact a dedicated ATC frequency which provides
Flight Information Service. They can provide things like weather info, traffic
info, airport info etc. when flying in uncontrolled airspace. Although you
don’t have to, it’s wise to always contact and monitor such frequency,
especially to get traffic information. On VATSIM, such frequency is often not
online. A CTR/Radar controller may provide traffic information, such as
Amsterdam Radar on 125.750, otherwise you can use UNICOM. If you are flying in
the TMA of an airport, you can request flight information from the Approach
controller. In the Netherlands, such TMAs are often class E airspace. Two-way
communication is not required, but it’s highly advisible to actually maintain two-way
communication for separation purposes and traffic information.

For realism purposes, and considering during
VFR events such frequency often IS online, we will actually consider such
frequency to be online now and get in touch. In the Netherlands, there are
multiple frequencies, either Amsterdam Information or DutchMil Info, depending
on where you are flying. We will consider Amsterdam Info is covering the entire
Netherlands now, so we will be staying on that frequency until reaching Eelde
and temporarily leave the frequency when crossing the Schiphol CTR.



Amsterdam Information, PH-AVP, just airborne Rotterdam.

Amsterdam Information: PVP, Amsterdam Information.

PVP, is a Robin DR400, VFR from Rotterdam to Eelde via Schiphol, 1 POB, request flight information service.

PVP, flight information service, regional QNH 1021.

QNH 1021, PVP.



PVP, traffic at your 11 o’clock, 10 miles at 1000 feet, flying opposite track.

Looking out for the traffic, PVP.

PVP, the traffic is at your 10 o’clock now, 7 miles, at 1000 feet.

Traffic in sight, PVP.



PVP is approaching Schiphol, request frequency change to Schiphol Tower.

PVP, frequency change approved, tot zo!



(Note, we are making a general call first, at
busy Tower frequencies like Schiphol you don’t want to overload the frequency
with a large request all of a sudden. Wait for a response from Tower and then
pass your crossing request swiftly and efficiently).

Schiphol Tower, PH-AVP.

Schiphol Tower: PVP, Schiphol Tower.

PVP, is a Robin DR400, VFR from Rotterdam to Eelde, south of Zandvoort, request to

cross your CTR via Zandvoort, overhead the field to Victor at 1000 feet.

PVP, roger, enter the CTR over Hoofddorp at 1000 ft, to remain clear of ILS area runway 18C, 

QNH1021, report over Hoofddorp.

Roger, enter the CTR over Hoofddorp at 1000 ft, remain clear of ILS area runway 18C,

QNH 1021, wilco, PVP.

PVP, over Hoofddorp.

PVP, roger, proceed direct to the main Tower now, do you want to fly some orbits?

Roger, direct to the tower, and affirm, PVP

PVP roger, orbits at 500 feet approved, report completed.

orbits approved at 500 feet, wilco, PVP.

PVP orbits completed.

PVP, roger, proceed direct to V at 1000 ft.

proceed direct to V at 1000 ft, PVP

PVP, overhead V, leaving your CTR, thanks for the opportunity!

PVP, roger, frequency change approved, bye bye!



Amsterdam Information, hello again, PH-AVP, east of V.

Amsterdam Information: PVP, Amsterdam information, hello, flight information service, regional QNH 1021.

QNH 1021, PVP.

(you don’t really have to repeat the whole
thing again with VFR from… to… and aircraft type etc. You were just in touch
with this controller so it should be fine)



PVP, approaching Eelde, leaving your frequency, bye bye!

PVP, frequency change approved, bye bye!



Eelde Tower, PH-AVP.

Eelde Tower: PVP, Eelde Tower.

PVP, Robin DR400 south of Assen at 1500 feet, VFR Rotterdam to Eelde, information C

received, for landing.

PVP, information C correct, QNH 1021, ROMEO arrival, report TANGO.

QNH 1021, ROMEO arrival, wilco, PVP.

PVP overhead TANGO at 1500 feet.

PVP, roger, descend 1000 feet, join left-hand downwind runway 23, you are number 2.

Descend 1000 feet, join left-hand downwind runway 23, number 2 PVP.

PVP, downwind runway 23.

PVP, roger, number 1

Number 1, PVP

PVP, turning final runway 23.

PVP, wind 270 degrees, 11 knots, runway 23, cleared to land

Runway 23 cleared to land, PVP.

PVP, taxi via B to the Lima Apron.

taxi via B to the Lima apron, PVP.

(note, again this airport does not have a
separate ground controller in real life, therefore Tower simply gives taxi



PVP, is on the blocks, thanks for the ATC, bye bye!

PVP, roger, bye bye!

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