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For those who would like to gain extra aviation knowledge in one-on-one sessions!

Enhance your flightsim or real world knowledge through AviationPro's personal training!


Hi, my name is Evert and I have been running the AviationPro channel for over 12 years. What once began as a hobby, has turned into a profession ever since I finished my ATPL flight training in 2022. I would love to share the knowledge I have gained over the years about aviation & flying, with you! Whether you are a flightsim enthousiast or someone who is thinking about joining a flight school: I’m here to help!

Over the years I have been providing personal training mostly through the AviationPro Patreon community. Additionally, you will find many tutorial-type videos on the AviationPro YouTube channel. This has enabled me to develop a way of teaching to make you feel comfortable and help you out in an efficient way!

what do i offer?

Personal training sessions are organized via Discord for €25 per 1-hour session . In these sessions we can discuss a wide variety of topics, all depending on your wishes. Wherever possible, we fire up my or your simulator to demonstrate things! Subjects you can think of to get training for:

  • Flight simulation & VATSIM subjects
    • Basic VATSIM pilot skills
    • Basic flying skills
      • Actually train with me in Microsoft Flight Simulator using shared cockpit functionality YourControls!
    • IFR & VFR navigation skills
    • IFR & VFR R/T Communications
    • Training for specific aircraft:
      • E.g. PMDG Boeing 737 for MSFS
  • Real life aviation subjects
    • Help with ATPL theory
    • Information on joining a flight school or starting a career as a pilot in general
And more ! In the details below you can find more information on the different subjects. When we get in touch after you sign up, we will try to tailor your training request to achieve the best possible outcome!

Details, Terms & Conditions

  • Please fill in the form below to sign-up. We get in touch via email to discuss what you want to train exactly, how many sessions we organize together and to set a time & date
    • If you are not certain how many sessions you need or want, we will together discuss the various options
    • The first session we will take some extra (uncharged) time to get to know each other!
    • There is a maximum of 2 sessions per person per day
  • Please take into account that I cannot guarantee we will have a session together after signing up. It really depends on my own availability, other real life activities and your training request
  • I will reply as soon as possible to your sign-up request
  • One session = 1 hour = €25.
  • Payment is done through PayPal
    • Before each session(s) I will send you a PayPal Payment Request Link
    • Please make sure you have paid the session BEFORE we start, otherwise the session will be cancelled
    • Please do NOT use my donation link on this website. It’s really for donations only!
  • Please make sure you have a Discord account so we can call and screen share
    • With that, make sure your microphone (and webcam) are working before the session starts
  • If you want to make use of the shared cockpit functionality using YourControls in Microsoft Flight Simulator, make sure that you have it all set up! Before we start the flight, we will agree on an aircraft, weather, and starting position to make it work
  • Make sure you have set things up properly before each session. E.g., if we organize a training session in the PMDG 737 for MSFS, make sure it actually works and your hardware is set up so we don’t waste time trying to fix stuff
  • Make sure you have a headset so we can communicate properly. A webcam would be nice to make it more personal, but is not required

There is a wide variety of subjects we can discuss, it really depends on what you want!  Thanks to my finished ATPL training in real life (and hopefully soon joining the airlines), I can share knowledge in different areas, starting from ATPL theory, to General Aviation flying to knowledge about more complex airliners like the Boeing 737. With that you can keep in mind that I have real world FFS experience in the Boeing 737 and Boeing 777.

This is a non-exhaustive list of subjects I can give you training in. We will tailor your request after you signed up!

  • Flight Simulation
    • Basic flying skills
      • Including possible flight training through Shared Cockpit functionality YourControls!
        • This can be used to teach you the basics of flying using one of the compatible aircraft, but also to fly together while examining more complex subjects listed below, like flying on VATSIM or IFR & VFR navigation skills!
    • General Aviation flying
    • Complex airliners
      • Specifically Boeing aircraft, primarily using the PMDG Boeing 737 in MSFS and, when released, the PMDG Boeing 777 & 747 in MSFS
        • I don’t use Prepar3D anymore, however through screen sharing I can still give you training on aircraft in Prepar3D (and other sims) by giving live feedback while you are flying the aircraft
      • FMS skills, information on procedures, aircraft handling, improving your landings etc.!
    • Basic VATSIM skills
    • IFR & VFR flying skills
    • IFR & VFR R/T communications
    • Mixing complex aircraft flying with flying online
  • Real life topics
    • Information & tips on joining a flight school or starting a career as a pilot
    • Help with ATPL theory
      • Specifically VFR & IFR R/T communications training!
    • Please note that I am not an instructor in real life. Therefore I only provide training on the more ‘light’ real life topics above. I will not provide training on very specific subjects like normal and non-normal procedures of the Boeing 777 for example. These are subjects that can only be discussed within the realm of flight simulation and knowledge gained from this should not be applied to your real life flying

There is a new utility out there called YourControls which enables people to fly together using Microsoft Flight Simulator! You can check out their website to find out more about this FREE(!) utility and the compatible aircraft. It is still a new product, however it can be of great use during Personal Training Sessions, especially when using less complex aircraft to train things like Basic Flying or VFR Navigation skills! If you want to make use of this possiblity, make sure you install the program! I am new to this program too, but I am very much open to try this out. During the shared cockpit flying we will use Discord to communicate.

When Shared Cockpit is not used, we will simply use the screen share function of Discord to give you live feedback while you are flying your aircraft, or for me to demonstrate things using my own simulator.

Please note that I’m not always available at my ‘home base’ and therefore I may not always have access to my simulator for shared cockpit flying or to demonstrate things. In those cases, we can still train using the ‘live feedback method’ described above. We will discuss this in advance before organizing a session.

Please review the following terms & conditions when considering to sign up:

  1. Cancelling sessions & no-shows
    1. If you can’t make it to a session we organized, please let me know in advance, at the latest 15 minutes before the start of the session! We will schedule a new session as soon as possible.
    2. Running late for a session will cause the minutes to be substracted from the session time. Therefore it is better to cancel a session, rather than to show up late.
    3. Not showing up on Discord within 15 minutes after the agreed start time without any prior notice will cancel your session and no refunds can be given.
    4. Repeatedly not showing up or showing up late might cancel future training sessions.
    5. In case I myself cannot make it to a session for some reason, I will let you know as soon as possible and we will reschedule the session without any consequences.
  2. Refunds
    1. In general, no refunds are given except when I have to cancel our session due to things like personal circumstances. In that case, you will be notified and refunded right away.
    2. AviationPro personal training sessions are a matter of trust. If you really feel you have been left out somehow, or a session did not fulfill your expectations, please let me know as soon as possible so we can arrange something together.
    3. Please use the videos on the AviationPro YouTube channel to assess my training style, so you don’t need to make use of point 2 above!

Depending on availability, the button below will color RED or GREEN. If green, the button below takes you to a Google Form so you can sign up. I will get in touch with you as soon as possible to make arrangements!

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