Welcome to the P1 Pilot Rating course! This page only contains the videos with a short description of what is being discussed in them. In order to actually achieve the P1 Pilot Rating and to be able to make an exam, you will have to visit the VATSIM Pilot Training Academy and start the course from there. The videos are the same though!

The videos below are divided in the following categories

  • Practicalities
  • Preparing for flight
  • Communication
  • Navigation
  • Important information

 What is VATSIM?
A general introduction video to the new tutorial series. In this video you will discover what VATSIM exactly is and how it works. Apart from a description of the network there are also some interesting statistics. In general, after viewing this video you will definitely want to join VATSIM!


How to create a VATSIM account
A step-by-step tutorial to show you how to create a VATSIM account quick and easy!


Getting Started!
An informative video to show you what kind of things you need before you can start flying on the VATSIM network. You will need some software packages in order to connect to the VATSIM network or to view the current traffic and online ATC for example. In this video you will find out how and where to find all this!


Flight Preparation & Weather
Preparation IS KEY! Without preparing your flight properly you will not get very far and you might run into trouble. This video will discuss what you need to do in order to prepare your flight properly. This will allow you to perform your flight smoothly and with a proper preparation you already have done 50% of the flight. Knowing what the weather will be is also very important as discussed in the video!


Charts: Where and How!
Charts are ESSENTIAL to have during your flight! Whether you have them on paper or on a tablet, make sure you have them! Otherwise you will get lost easily and you will not be able to follow the proper flight paths or taxiways. In this video you will learn where to find charts for the airports you fly to or from and you will learn how to read and understand them!


How to connect to the VATSIM network
After installing all needed software and after preparing your flight and all your stuff properly it is finally time to connect to the VATSIM network for the first time! I can tell you, this is a very exciting moment. In this video you will learn how to connect your Flight Simulator to the network using the two most popular pilot clients Squawkbox and FSInn.


How to file a flight plan
Once you have connected to the VATSIM network you can file your flight plan using the pilot client, although you can also do it beforehand using the VATSIM website. In this video you will learn how to fill in the flight plan sheet on the VATSIM network and how to file it. Without filing a flight plan, ATC does not know what your intentions are, so filing a flightplan is HIGHLY recommended! ATC might always pop up unexpectedly!


Basics of Communication
Now comes the fun part! In this video you will learn how to communicate with ATC. You will learn about how to operate the radios and also the transponder. Also some important rules are discussed BEFORE transmitting on any frequency. VATSIM is not a playground, so make sure you follow those rules. Otherwise a supervisor might ban you…


Departure Communications
When everything is ready, it is time to make your first flight! In this video you will learn some general IFR departure phraseology. Note that this video is featuring a flight in Europe, so in your continent some of the phraseology might be a little different! This video is just to show you the basic scheme of communications during an IFR commercial flight from Frankfurt (Germany) to Krakow (Poland)


Arrival Communications & Emergencies
After cruising for a while, it’s time to make your first descent into your arrival airport. The arrival is probably one of the most exciting parts, because there might be a lot of traffic and you will get a lot of instructions. Just like with the departure video some of the basic phraseology for an IFR arrival is reviewed using an approach into Krakow. At the end some very basic pharseology of emergencies is also discussed, but keep in mind that it is not allowed to simulate an emergency on the VATSIM network unless ATC agrees with you to do so!!


IFR & VFR Navigation Basics
Knowing how to navigate throught the virtual airspace is very important. Make sure you know how to do this before you even start flying on the VATSIM network. This videow will discuss some of the basics of IFR and VFR navigation, but keep in mind that you will have to do some additional reading of manuals and instructions (on the VATSIM website for example) in order to know how to navigate properly!


Website, Rules & Training
VATSIM has clear rules, make sure you follow them! This not to scare you away, but they are there to make it a fun yet professional network for everyone. Again, VATSIM is not a playground, so make sure you read through and follow these rules! This is also the last video of the P1 Pilot Rating. You can take an exam (if you wish) at the VATSIM Pilot Training Academy.