In conjunction with the VATSIM Pilot Training Academy, AviationPro has created a set of videos that will help new pilots on the VATSIM network to achieve their P1 Pilot Rating. This rating is the first of nine ratings in total. By obtaining the P1 Pilot Rating, you can consider yourself a basic and good pilot on the VATSIM network.

What does the P1 Pilot Rating course offer?

  • Shows you what VATSIM is and what it can offer to you
  • Shows you the steps of becoming a VATSIM member
  • Shows you the basics of flying on the VATSIM networks
  • Teaches you all the important bits for becoming a VATSIM pilot
  • An fun and interesting set of videos that are very easy to understand

Please note: AviationPro is not an Authorized Training Organisation (ATO) of the VATSIM network. All these videos were made for another ATO, the VATSIM Pilot Training Academy.

What’s the point of getting the P1 Pilot Rating?

Getting a pilot rating on the VATSIM network is not a requirement, while it is a requirement for future controllers to be trained and to get ratings before they may start controlling at Delivery. So why bother getting a pilot rating when it is not required to do so? By getting a pilot rating you can confirm the skills you have as a pilot and you show how experienced you are. The P1 rating is a very basic rating with some very basic theory, but by getting it you show that you at least understand the basics of VATSIM and of flying.

Getting the P1 rating will also help you to start flying on the VATIM network. The combination of videos and other manuals at the VATSIM Pilot Training Academy will help you to get comfortable flying on the VATSIM network. So even though you do not want to make the exam and get the rating, you can still study all the material that is provided to you for free!