• Zurich to Copenhagen

Flight information (video is below)

General info

Airline: Scandinavian Airlines

Callsign: SAS610 – “SCANDINAVIAN 610″

Passengers: 140

Souls on board: 140 + 6 cabin crew = 146

Cruise level: FL360


This video features a flight from Zurich (Switzerland) to Copenhagen (Denmark) using the Boeing 737NG on the VATSIM network. During this flight there was full ATC coverage again, which makes it very interesting!

The following route was used for this flight:


First, a nice departure from Zurich with some beautiful clouds along the way. Then, after crossing Germany, quite a hectic arrival into Copenhagen, because of the fact that a lot of traffic was arriving at the same time. Make sure you watch that part!



METAR 031650Z 33006KT 9999 FEW060 SCT300 19/07 Q1014 NOSIG
TAF 031425Z 0315/0421 35008KT 9999 FEW055 SCT110 TX21/0315Z
TN10/0404Z TX19/0412Z PROB30
TEMPO 0315/0318 SHRA FEW050TCU BKN060
TEMPO 0322/0406 CAVOK
TEMPO 0412/0419 27013G28KT 4500 SHRA SCT025 BKN040 PROB30
TEMPO 0413/0418 28015G35KT 3000 TSRA SCT025CB BKN040

Very nice flying weather, just as in the Bratislava to Prague flight. Some light 6 knot winds from the northwest and very good visibility. Nice temperatures of 19°C with a dewpoint of 7°C. There are a few clouds in the area though, including some expected cumulonimbus clouds as reported in the TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast), so we’d better leave before the bad weather starts to kick in!

Cruise: no significant weather is expected during the cruise. Some slight headwind from various directions and not any form of icing is expected.


METAR 031650Z 02003KT 9999 FEW010 SCT022 BKN053 14/12 Q1014
TAF 031130Z 0312/0412 03006KT 9999 FEW035
TEMPO 0321/0406 2000 BR BKN006

Stable weather in Copenhagen as well. Some light winds from the northeast and good visibility. Later during the day more and lower clouds are expected and also a lower visibility.

ATC Availability

There is full ATC coverage throughout the flight. First flight plan clearance and taxi instructions from Zurich Apron. After that Zurich Tower gives the takeoff clearance. After that we’re guided for our departure by Zurich Arrival and Swiss Radar. Also in Germany ATC is available: Langen Radar and Bremen Radar. For our arrival we contact Copenhagen Control first, after that approach gives vectors for final. Kastrup Tower gives the landing clearance and taxi instructions to the gate.


The following VACCs provided ATC service during this flight:


The following addons were used for this video: