• Memphis to Atlanta

Delta 1788: Memphis (KMEM) to Atlanta (KATL) with Full ATC!

Flight information (video is below)

General info

Airline: Delta Air Lines

Callsign: DAL1788 "Delta 1788"

Passengers: 109

Souls on board: 109 + 6 cabin crew = 115

Cruise level: FL350

Fuel: 7700 kg

Center of Gravity: 21,6%

Gross weight: 62200 kg


This video features a flight from Memphis (KMEM) to Atlanta (KATL) in the USA. This is the first VATSIM video that was recorded on "the other side of the pond"! Recorded during the "Southern Regional Night" event organized by all virtual ARTCCs in the south of the US and by VATUSA.

This flight is nice and short again, and the frequencies are nice and busy as we fly from Memphis, a famous FedEx hub, to Atlanta, one of world's bussiest airports in real life, but also tonight on VATSIM!

The following route was used for this flight:



This route will get us flying through the states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and finally Georgia. Not a very special route, but during the flight there are some nice views over the Memphis and Atlanta area at night with (of course) lots of beautiful lights on the ground which shows the scale of these major cities.

First, the BBKING4 departure out of Memphis. (Yes, that SID has been named after "B.B. King", a famous Blues artist who was born in Memphis). Then, pretty much a straight line towards Atlanta, where we will fly the Rome 5 arrival and get vectored towards the ILS of runway 26R.


All the follwing details are from the flight plan which was created by Rocketroute.

METAR & TAF for Memphis

METAR 071454Z 04013G20KT 10SM FEW050 BKN070 OVC170 14/04
A3027 RMK AO2 SLP249 T01440044 51020 $

TAF 071120Z 0712/0812 05010KT P6SM BKN040 BKN080 OVC120
FM071600 03012KT P6SM BKN150
FM080100 03008KT P6SM SCT250

Pretty good weather at Memphis, or at least when we look at the TAF, because all this information was retreived 5 hours before departure time. We can expect winds from 030 degrees at 12 knots and 6 square miles of visibility and some broken to scattered clouds later on. Good flying weather I would say!

METAR & TAF for Atlanta

METAR 071452Z 09003KT 10SM FEW005 OVC060 20/16 A3017 RMK AO2
SLP212 VIRGA N 60003 T02000161 51011

TAF 071354Z 0714/0818 34008KT P6SM SCT015 BKN060
TEMPO 0714/0717 02010KT 6SM -SHRA BKN015
FM071700 31008G13KT P6SM -SHRA VCTS BKN020CB
FM072000 33012G19KT 6SM -SHRA BKN015
FM080300 34010G17KT P6SM VCSH BKN015
FM080700 03010G15KT P6SM VCSH BKN015
FM081200 06012G17KT P6SM BKN025

At Atlanta there is a bit of a different story. The arrival time will be between 07(November)2000Z and 080300Z, and in this period we can expect winds from 330 degrees at 12 knots gusting to 19 knots. Some low clouds and also light showers and rain. Not the prettiest weather to fly into, but still a possibility to get a nice view over the Atlanta area during the final approach.





As visible in the above weather charts, we can expect some nice tailwinds during the cruise, which will help speed up the flight a little. Also, the left part of the last chart shows the worse weather conditions above the south east part of the US. Other than that, we can expect a smooth cruise though, and we will only hit the bad weather during the descent.

ATC availability



Most of the flight is done using standard procedures. However, since Atlanta is such a big airport, it is worth to mention some facts.

Atlanta has either east or west operations, meaning they either takeoff & land from the runways towards the east (e.g. 09R, 09L etc.) or towards the west (e.g. 26L, 26R etc.), depending on the wind conditions.

You can see the whole airport as two parts: the north and the south complex. Thus, when arriving at a STAR north of the airport, and when west operations are active, you can already know that it is very likely you are going to land at runway 26R, since takeoffs are performed from 26L, it's that easy!

There are also some special taxi procedures involved when you have landed, as to make sure you do not cross the departure runway. Please visit the Atlanta vARTCC website for more information about landing at Atlanta International Airport.

Click here: Landing procedures Atlanta

What went well?

  • In general a very smooth flight, especially when looking at the time I had to fly this flight.
  • Clear and quick communication between pilot and ATC
  • Proper notation and acception of mistakes which are noted below
  • Good preparations for departure and especially arrival. This is vital when approaching such big airport at a busy event!!

What went wrong?

    • Some mishaps in phraseology that is more common in the US, like 121 POINT 9, instead of 121 DECIMAL 9, or 16,000 FEET instead of FL160.
    • Intercepting the ILS approach was a bit messed up due to a confusion with the air traffic controller

Addons used

  • Blueprint Simulations Memphis
  • Imaginesim Atlanta 2012
  • Ultimate Terrain USA
  • Real Environment Xtreme
  • Active Sky Evolution
  • Aerosoft Airport Enhancement Services
  • iFly Simsoft Boeing 737NG

Where to get charts

Getting charts for the US is easy!


How I made the flight as smooth as possible

To make my flights easier I do several things. More information on tips regarding flying on the VATSIM network can be found HERE!

  • Have a proper flight preparation! This is very important so you can know beforehand what to expect during your flight and especially during the departure and arrival procedures
  • Having all the charts at the ready on an iPad. More info about charts HERE!
  • Using the RemoteFlight COMM app to tune the radios more easily. Check out my review of this addon.
  • Pre-program the whole FMC, including an arrival already. Want to see how I do this within one minute? Check out THIS video!
  • Stay calm and ask ATC for clarification if necessary
  • Use a keyboard to control buttons, knobs and switches in the cockpit. Check out the layout of my cockpit and how I configured my keyboard in THIS video.