• Geneva to Frankfurt

Air Berlin 247D: from Geneva (LSGG) to Frankfurt (EDDF) – Full ATC!

Flight information (video is below)


General info

Airline: Air Berlin

Callsign: BER247D – “AIR BERLIN 247D″

Passengers: 132

Souls on board: 132 + 6 cabin crew = 138

Cruise level: FL320

Fuel: 7047 kg

Center of Gravity: 19,7%

Gross weight: 63861 kg


This video features a flight from Geneva, Switzerland (LSGG) to Frankfurt, Germany (EDDF). A nice and short flight with full ATC coverage from radiocheck to shutdown!

The following route was used for this flight:


This route is retrieved from vatroute.net


The route takes us for a nice flight along the alps while the sun is slowly setting in Switzerland. First, a very straightforward departure from Geneva from runway 05. After that some nice cruising over Switzerland with a view on the Alps to the right. After that a left turn to the north to enter German airspace and to get in touch with the always friendly guys at Langen Radar! After a short cruise the descent into Frankfurt starts while the sun is almost completely down giving some incredible views as we approach the by milions of lights illuminated city and airport of Frankfurt. Other traffic is departing and arriving at Frankfurt as well, making it a very lively experience to land there!


All the follwing details are from the flight plan which was created by Rocketroute.

METAR for Geneva:

METAR 241520Z 11006KT 070V140 9999 FEW050 BKN300 23/M00 Q1012

Some light winds, giving a light crosswind departure from runway 05. A few clouds here and there, but very good visibility which enables us to have a nice view on the Alps to the right as we fly towards Germany. Additionally it’s nice and warm with 23°C and with an expected QNH of 1012 the weather is great for flying.

METAR for Frankfurt:

METAR 241520Z 18009KT 160V220 CAVOK 21/01 Q1012 NOSIG

Great weather at Frankfurt as well. CAVOK, meaning Clouds and Visibility OK. Winds are from the south, so we expect one of the 25 runways for landing. Runway 25L is the standard runway for landings at Frankfurt, however since the new runway 25R has been added to the Aerosoft scenery we can probably expect runway 25R for landing. Again, good flying weather and a good visibility promising for some nice views when we approach Frankfurt!




As is visible on the above images, we can expect some crosswind during the cruise of about 30 to 50 knots. The significant weather charts shows no significant weather above Switzerland and Germany, so this promises for a very smooth cruise without too much turbulence or clouds!

ATC availability


What went well?

  • In general a very smooth flight
  • In general good communication between ATC and pilot
  • Proper notation and acception of mistakes which are noted below
  • Good preparations for the departure

What went wrong?

    • Lost sight of traffic landing at runway 05 before our own takeoff
    • Forgot to put engine start switches to continuous before takeoff
    • Made a mistake in the descent planning at LADOL and PSA (as you can see in the video)

Explanation of this problem: Swiss Radar cleared us to FL240 to be leveled at LADOL, however Langen Radar later cleared us to FL110 to be leveled at PSA before reaching the Top of Descent which would take us to FL240 at LADOL. This confused me a little bit and I presumed that, after Langen Radar cleared us to FL110 to be leveled at PSA, I could stay at FL320 and then descend to FL110. It would have been better though to descend to FL240 first to be leveled at LADOL, since this waypoint is apparently on a lower airway instead of on an upper airway and then to descend further to FL110 from FL240. This whole situation confused the VNAV system a bit and no Top of Descent was displayed anymore, however I was still able to use the vertical path indicator on the Primary Flight Display, which showed me when to start the descent. Lesson to learn for next time: know when you are flying on a lower airway so you can already pre-program the lower flight level in the FMS!

  • Some communication mistakes at Frankfurt ground, but properly corrected afterwards

Addons used

  • Dream Factory Studio Geneva
  • Aerosoft Mega Airport Frankfurt
  • Ultimate Terrain Europe
  • Real Environment Xtreme
  • Aerosoft Airport Enhancement Services
  • iFly Simsoft Boeing 737NG (D-ABKC livery)

Where to get charts

Getting charts for flights like these is not very hard, as both VACC Germany and VACC Switzerland have good websites. I retrieved my charts from the following locations:

Switzerland: http://www.vacc.ch/en/airports_and_charts/LSGG

Germany: http://www.vacc-sag.org/?PAGE=airport_overview

How I made the flight as smooth as possible

To make my flights easier I do several things. More information on tips regarding flying on the VATSIM network can be found HERE!

  • Have a proper flight preparation! This is very important so you can know beforehand what to expect during your flight and especially during the departure and arrival procedures
  • Having all the charts at the ready on an iPad. More info about charts HERE!
  • Using the RemoteFlight COMM app to tune the radios more easily. Check out my review of this addon.
  • Pre-program the whole FMC, including an arrival already. Want to see how I do this within one minute? Check out THIS video!
  • Stay calm and ask ATC for clarification if necessary
  • Use a keyboard to control buttons, knobs and switches in the cockpit. Check out the layout of my cockpit and how I configured my keyboard in THIS video.