• Bratislava to Prague

Flight Information (video is below)

General info

Airline: TravelService

Callsign: TVS2405 – “SKYTRAVEL 2405″

Passengers: 108

Souls on board: 108 + 6 cabin crew = 114

Cruise level: FL240


This video features a flight from Bratislava (Slovakia) to Prague (the Czech Republic). This flight is very short, however there is full ATC coverage from startup to shutdown!

The following route was used for this flight:


This route is very short and only lower airways are used for this flight. This means that the maximum allowed cruise level is FL240, and since we are flying to the west this is the flight level we can pick. First, a beautiful sunset departure from runway 04 at Bratislava. After that some left turns to fly over the hills north of Bratislava and after that into Czech airspace. What follows is a nice cruise while the sun goes down further and further and after that a nice arrival into Prague with an amazing view over the city as well! During the approach in Prague it is very busy at the airport, so the landing is quite exciting. Make sure you don’t skip that landing!


LZIB: Good weather. Some light winds from the northeast. Clouds and visibility are OK and as this flight was executed in the summer the temperatures are very nice with a temperature of 24°C and a dewpoing of 13°C. So in general some very nice flying weather which should result in a smooth flight!

Cruise: Quite cloudy down below as we are heading into the Czech Republic. Also some light headwinds from the west.

LKPR: A transition level of FL50, which means when passing this flight level we should switch to the local QNH of 1018 hectopascals . Winds are from the northeast here as well with 7 knots. Clouds and visibility are OK. A little bit colder here with a temperature of 19°C and a dewpoint of 10°C.

ATC Availability

There is full ATC coverage during this flight. Štefánik Radar (Bratislava Control) is providing ATC coverage in Slovakia and at LZIB. After that Praha Radar (Prague Control) provides ATC until landing. After landing Praha Ground Control takes care of guiding us to the appropriate gate.

What went well?

  • Structured departure out of Bratislava and good preparation.
  • Briefed the missed approach procedure which turned out to be very useful!
  • Clear communication with ATC.

What went wrong?

  • Forgot to turn off the center pumps below 2300 kg before takeoff.
  • Speed was a little bit too high during some parts of the approach.


The following addons were used for this video:

  • Taxi2Gate Bratislava LZIB
  • iFly Simsoft Boeing 737NG
  • Ultimate Terrain Europe & Ultimate Terrain Eastern Europe
  • Real Environment Xtreme
  • Freeware LKPR scenery from VACC-CZ

Background information

Some fun background information about why I made this flight and more.  Check it out HERE!