Amsterdam to Vienna

This video features a flight from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) to Vienna (Austria) using the Boeing 737NG on the VATSIM network. The flight is divided over two videos: one departure video with ATC and one arrival video without any ATC.

The following route was used for this flight:


The route is pretty straightforward: a nice departure from Amsterdam towards the south, then a left turn to enter German airspace. After crossing the entire German airspace the descent will start and during the descent the flight will cross a small part of the Czech Republic before descending further into Austrian airspace for the arrival in Vienna. This flight was made on a winter evening, so it is very dark outside, especially in the Netherlands. However, during the arrival in Vienna there are some beautiful views of the airport surroundings and all the lights down below!

This flight was made during the Friday-Night Fly-In event at Amsterdam, a real operations night organized by the DutchVACC. During this event pilots can book flights in a booking system. All these flights are flights that are also made in real life on the exact same night, so the goal is to depart and arrive on time in order to simulate a very realistic Friday evening at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. As you will see in the video, I will pay attention to the real world flight at some point in order to see where the real world flights is at a given moment and to see if I have departed too early or too late.

What went well?

  • Smooth departure out of Amsterdam
  • Steady arrival, even though there was no ATC in Vienna

What went wrong?

  • Some mishaps in the R/T, such as saying “with you” or “requesting IFR clearance”. These items are not necessary and are not used in real life anymore. (at least in Europe).
  • Forgot to set the departure frequency in the radio beforehand. This is very important, because now I had to look up the frequency which cost a lot of time.