Privacy Policy

  1. This website does not collect or store any personal information on its website.
  2. Personal information such as names and email addresses entered in a contact form anywhere on this website are send to AviationPro’s Gmail address to allow AviationPro to contact those who send a message via a contact form.
  3. AviationPro ensures that all information entered in contact forms is not shared with 3rd parties and is only used for personal communication between the sender and AviationPro via Gmail.


  1. Cookies are necessary for websites to function properly. They simply store a little file on your computer so the next time you visit AviationPro some of the settings you have made on this website, e.g. liking my Facebook page using the like button in the footer, are saved.
  2. By default, AviationPro assumes you accept the cookie policy.
  3. If you do not accept the policy, please contact AviationPro directly via the contact form.