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Boeing 747-400 startup from cold & dark tutorial

Using the brand new iFly Boeing 747-400 V2, in this video you will learn how to start up the Boeing 747-400 from cold and dark to engines running. The 747-400 is similar to other Boeing aircraft, but due its complexity and because of having four engines, the startup procedure is a bit more difficult compared to, for example, the 737NG.

Make sure you watch this tutorial to succesfully start your 747-400 flights! This video does not include FMC programming. That topic will be covered in a future video. This is just the pure startup procedure itself.

Improve FS9 & FSX performance on multi-cores tutorial

This is quite a biggie, a simple procedure that will give you some extra framerates! Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 by default only uses one core (or thread) while running, so even though you have a multi-core processor, all those cores are not used by FS2004. This trick will allow FS2004 to use more threads then just one, which increases your framerates!

This trick also works for FSX, but FSX (and Prepar3D) can and do work on multi-cores already thanks to the Affinitymask line in the FSX.cfg. More about that in the description of the video.

Tuning radios with iPhone or iPad tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to control your COMM radios with your iPhone or iPad using the Remoteflight COMM (free!) app. This is ideal if you are flying on the VATSIM network for example, as you now don't have to use your mouse in the virtual cockpit to change frequencies. You can just use your finger on your iPhone or iPad!

If you want to make your VATSIM flights easier, make sure you watch this tutorial! Installation is very easy and this product works flawlessly.

Embraer ERJ-135/145 startup from cold & dark

Another cold & dark startup tutorial, this time using the Feelthere Embraer V2 in order to show you how to startup the ERJ-135/145 from cold & dark. The ERJ has a dark cockpit philosophy and the startup procedure is very simple, as a lot of the startup processes are executed and monitored automatically. As long as all the lights in the cockpit are extinguished after startup, you should be fine!

Make sure you watch this tutorial in order to properly learn how to startup this beautiful regional jet!

Boeing 737NG FMC programming tutorial

Using the iFly Boeing 737NG, this tutorial shows you a basic way of programming the FMC of the Boeing 737. Using an example flight from Berlin to Amsterdam you will learn how and where to enter all the information into the FMC, so that you can ensure a safe flight.

This is a very basic way of programming the FMC. However, if you are a new pilot, make sure you watch this tutorial to get an idea of what it is like to program a FMC. After following this tutorial you already will be able to make a simple VATSIM flight for example.