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PMDG Boeing 747 V3 - Queen of the Skies II Review


A full review of the BRAND NEW PMDG Boeing 747 V3 - Queen of the Skies II. This is the latest addition the the PMDG fleet and PMDG has done a great job in simulating and modeling this wonderful airplane in great detail and according to reality. All the systems, interior, exterior and flight modelling are done with great accuracy! Check out the video and watch my review of the PMDG 747 V3!

FlyTampa Amsterdam Review


A great scenery many have been waiting for, finally a GOOD scenery for Amsterdam! FlyTampa is well known for producing great quality airports, and they did another phenomenal job with Amsterdam. It's a great scenery with a high degree of accuracy and it's very up-to-date! Flying in and out of Amsterdam feels very realistic, and the frames and VAS usage are not bad either! Check out the video for AviationPro's review of FlyTampa Amsterdam!

CPflight MCP 737 EL


A review of the CPflight MCP 737 EL: the replica MCP on a 1:1 scale of the Honeywell MCP that you can find in the Boeing 737NG! A wonderful module to add to your home cockpit. Whether you are actually building a home cockpit or whether you just want to use this module to control your autopilot: the CPflight MCP 737 EL will add a whole new dimension to flying!

Make sure you watch the videos of this product to see it in action!

The full review of this product can be read HERE.

iFly Boeing 747-400 V2


A review of the brand new iFly Boeing 747-400 V2 using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. This product is available for FS2004, FSX and Prepar3D. The iFly Boeing 747-400 V2 is a very detailed product and a major improvement over their previous addon, the Boeing 737NG. This great amount of detail does eat some of the framerates though, but that does not make the aircraft unflyable

All the systems and flying dynamics look and feel very realistic. The product has been tested by real world 747 captains!

When available, the full review can be read HERE.

iFly Boeing 737NG


The best 737 addon available for FS2004, definitely outweighing the old PMDG 737. Despite the lack of high quality textures, all systems on the iFly Boeing 737NG are simulated very accurately and according to the real airplane. The cockpit dimensions look very realistic as well, as you get the idea you are working in a small office, which the 737 absolutely is!

When available, the full review can be read HERE.

Virtual CDU 737


A new product on the market using new devices. Virtual CDU 737 allows you to control your PMDG or iFly 737 FMC via your iPad. Installation is very easy and the product works almost flawlessly without any delay when typing. By using this app you don't have to undock any windows or use apps like Airdisplay: it's just like plug and play. Downside of this app is that it is quite expensive for what you get.

You can read the full review of this product HERE!

Remoteflight COMM


A review of a freeware product this time. The Remoteflight COMM app allows you to control your COMM radios in any aircraft in flight simulator with your iPhone or iPad. Very convenient when flying on the VATSIM network! Installation is very easy and the product works flawlessly without any delay. A very simple app that can reduce a lot of workload in the cockpit!

When available, the full review can be read HERE.

Lionheart Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic


A review of another payware addon from a less well-known developer: Lionheart creations. This video gives you a review of the Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic, a fun and ultra-light airplane. Being ultra-light does not mean it's weak: this aircraft is used a lot for towing gliders, which shows that it is a pretty powerful little plane! Lionheart has done a great job simulating this rather unknown airplane, it feels very realistic and the systems are working well and are well documented.

When available, the full review can be read HERE.