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The AviationPro channel on YouTube was created on March 4th, 2010. Ever since many videos have been uploaded of which the “The iFly Boeing 737 NG Full Review” video is the most popular. Many more Flight Sim videos/reviews/tutorials are available on this channel and also real aviation spotting videos and real aviation flights! The AviationPro channel was formerly known as “FS2004AviationPro”, but since this channel is about much more than just FS2004 videos, it is since 2013 known as “AviationPro”.

A new series of videos was started in May 2012, which explained various aspects of the VATSIM network. A network for virtual flying and air traffic controlling. Later on, these series were enhanced by cooperating with the VATSIM Pilot Training Academy. Due to this new cooperation, new tutorial videos were made for the P1 Pilot Rating Program of VATSIM. This large set of tutorial videos help pilots to learn the basics of VATSIM and of IFR/VFR flying. Together with the learning material on the website of the VATSIM Pilot Training Academy pilots can acheive their P1 pilot rating by making an exam.

For all other info about the P1 Pilot rating, please visit the VATSIM Pilot Training Department. Please note that this channel is not an Authorized Training Organisation (ATO) of VATSIM by itself! All the videos of the P1 Pilot Rating are made specifically for the academy, however they are also available on the AviationPro channel.

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